My Features!

 This is my avatar. I chose the black background because black is my favorite color. I also chose I black sweatshirt to represent 3 things. One reason I chose it is because it represents being cold and I love winter. Another reason I chose it is because I like the color black. The last reason I chose it is because they are comfortable and I love being comfortable. My avatar is also wearing earbuds because music is one of my favorite things in the world. I also put stars in the background. I did this because I love night time. This is just a short summery on why I chose to put these things on my avatar.

One thought on “My Features!

  1. Hello, Nick 🙂 I must say…your blog theme is very festive! You did an excellent job of including your avatar in your post & of providing details that explain how your avatar reflects you and your interests! Please go back and add a link to the site that you used to create your avatar. Also, make sure to proofread carefully (check the spelling of “summery”).

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